Friday, June 25, 2010

My Little Seat... is awesome!

Jack in his My Little Seat at the restaurant.

With two little ones, the amount of things you need to bring along when you leave the house can quickly add up. I was thrilled when I saw the My Little Seat in this month's issue of Parent's magazine. A small, compact, light solution to a traveling high chair. I immediately went online and purchased one!

Today was our first trip since our My Little Seat's arrived and I could not wait to take the My Little Seat's out of the diaper bag. The boys sat at a table with us, with their My Little Seat's on the chairs next to us. The boys loved sitting in their seats beside us, looked absolutely adorable, and I did not have to worry about finding two clean, functioning restaurant high chairs to sit them in.

I can not even count the number of people who came over to ask where I ordered the seats from. I gave the company website to at least 5 customers and restaurant employees, who vowed that they were heading home to purchase the My Little Seat for their little ones at home! Even the friend I brought to lunch asked for the website to purchase one for the baby girl she is expecting.

Bottom line, I'm thrilled with the purchase. No bulky high chairs or booster seats. Perfect for traveling. Perfect for when you are at a friend or relatives house and high chair is not available.
Machine Washable (we had a sweet pea accident at lunch that will be easily cleaned right off). Small enough that I can fit them both in my diaper bag!

Cons: I'll let you know when I find one!

Here are some more pics of the boys testing out their new seats. (Apology for the quality, they were taken with my phone!)

Jace in his My Little Seat at the restaurant.

Jace in his My Little Seat in our kitchen.

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