Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Halloween... And birthday!!

We have been working on putting together a party twin's second birthday. We've been out of town for a month, leaving us only a few weeks to plan, invite, shop, prep, and decorate! Making things even harder, is that we went way over budget on our trip 'home' and will be trying to keep the cost of the party down.
After endlessly searching the web for ideas, things are finally coming together. Granted, I've given myself and endless amount of work to do because I've decided the best way to keep the cost down, and still have things I like.... is to make everything myself.

First project... favor bags. Cost? $0.00. I found small paper bags in blues and greens in my craft bucket. Not exactly Halloween colors... how can I make them work? How about turn them into Halloween monsters!! I am SO happy with how these came out!

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