Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Beach Treasure Necklace

My boys have not always loved the beach.  In fact, it used to be torture to take them there.  They would get sand on themselves and then cry.  It would be hot, so they would cry.  Sand would get in their snack... and then they would cry.  Our maximum beach time was about an hour.  When they turned three, things started to get a little easier.  They suddenly wanted to go in the water.  They did not mind the sand stuck all over their little bodies.  They were having too much fun to notice the sand caked onto their hands and snacks as they ate.

Last weekend the boys woke me us up early.  They always wake up early, but this day particularly so.  They were bored and looking for messes to make and eager to wake their baby brother up.  So I decided to get them out of the house for a little while and take them over to the beach.   In between sand castle making and wave jumping, the boys were helping me collect shells for a decorating project.  One of the boys brought me a perfect, miniature shell.  I could use those for jewelry!  So we spent the rest of our time searching for the tiniest, most perfect shells we could find.
Rebecca Novotny Designs on Etsy

Later that night, I got to work on some new necklaces for my etsy shop.  Glass globe beads filled with the tiny seashells my sons and I collected, suspended from a sterling necklace.  I listed them for sale and sold my first one Sunday morning.  Here's to hoping for more sales and more mornings at the beach collecting shells with my boys!

Rebecca Novotny Designs on Etsy

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